Hello, friends! Welcome to Ulkumu Z! We are certainly glad that you have taken the time to find out more about us!



Ulkumu Z may seem like a strange name but do not let that distract you. Ulkumu Z is a resource website that is dedicated to the topic of gambling! Gambling is something that is often looked at with suspicion or negativity. We are here to help change the tide of opinion regarding this pretty special social activity.

As such, you can expect to read information that has been carefully collected and refined.



It all started with just one person: Felicia Hunt. Ms. Hunt, like any person with a passion for gambling, tried to search for useful information that came from an organic source. However, there was a surprisingly huge lack of such information. Therefore, she took it upon herself to carefully curate and collect her own information.

Luckily, she was not alone in this pursuit! Through the years, she has come across like-minded individuals in the crux of their own gambling stories.

What you will read in this website is the careful collation of first-hand knowledge about gambling’s ins and outs. If there is anything in particular that you believe need to feature, do get in touch with us!