Everyone needs to start somewhere! While nothing can quite beat personal experience, this does not mean that due diligence does not pay off. Of course, we are referring to some pretty handy tutorials that are available online. There is a wealth of information available to anyone who knows where to look.

We understand that learning at your own pace is crucial for some. In order to help you with that, we have carefully gathered some of the most useful online tutorials for various games that are normally associated with gambling.


Poker Tutorial

For anyone who is new to the game of poker whether physical or online, this online tutorial by Poker Stars is pretty useful. They have a free and interactive tutorial that anyone can make use of. What is great about them is that this website also carries a multitude of other helpful articles and blog posts. So not only can you learn about poker but it can also open up the gateway toward more gambling knowledge.


Blackjack 101

If you are interested in learning more about blackjack and its little nuances, you may want to visit this particular website and its tutorial discussion. They have an extensive explanation of the objective of the game and an explanation of the different card values. They can also lead beginners toward practice games.

If there are some that you swear by, do let us know! After all, helping each other out is important! When you do submit tutorials of your own, please make sure that they are easy to understand and are tailored toward beginners.